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2018 Youth World Championships

National Stadium, Bangkok, 10

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Athlete Team Division(s) Placement
Boburjon Turumov Uzbekistan (UZB) Junior 12 -13 Male -40kg 5th
Arina Ukhanova Russia (RUS) Junior 10 -13 Female +60kg 1st
Dİlara Esranur Uluyer Turkey (TUR) Junior 14 -15 Female -60kg 5th
Ömer Ünal Turkey (TUR) Junior 14 -15 Male -67kg 9th
Şeyma Ünal Turkey (TUR) Junior 16 -17 Female +75kg 2nd
Ion Ungurean Moldova (MDA) Junior 16 -17 Male -63.5kg 5th
Dinara Usmanova Russia (RUS) Junior 14 -15 Female -63.5kg 3rd
Max Vainionpaa Australia (AUS) Junior 10 -11 Male -32kg 5th
Tim van der Pol Netherlands (NED) Junior 16 -17 Male -81kg 9th
Evangelos Vastardis Greece (GRE) Junior 16 -17 Male -51kg 9th
Guilherme Vaz Portugal (POR) Junior 14 -15 Male -51kg 5th
Lucielle Verhoef Netherlands (NED) Junior 14 -15 Female -54kg 3rd
Simon Verner Czech Republic (CZE) Junior 12 -13 Male -40kg 9th
Artur Vitiuc Moldova (MDA) Junior 12 -13 Male -38kg 5th
Maxim Vitiuc Moldova (MDA) Junior 12 -13 Male -52kg 5th
Kai Vogel Australia (AUS) Junior 14 -15 Male -60kg 9th
Margarita Voitovich Russia (RUS) Junior 14 -15 Female -51kg 2nd
Jari Wauters Belgium (BEL) Junior 16 -17 Male -57kg 9th
Paseka Webber South Africa (RSA) Junior 12 -13 Male -38kg 5th
Yao Hua Wei Chinese Taipei (TPE) Junior 12 -13 Male -42kg 5th
Kirrah Whatnall Australia (AUS) Junior 12 -13 Female -34kg 2nd
Ben Wilson Australia (AUS) Junior 12 -13 Male -34kg 9th
Natthawut Wongsul Thailand (THA) Junior 12 -13 Male -63.5kg 2nd
Makbule NazliŞah Yaman Turkey (TUR) Junior 14 -15 Female -51kg 5th
Jakkre Yapakdee Thailand (THA) Junior 14 -15 Male -42kg 1st
David Yarosh Spain (ESP) Junior 14 -15 Male -51kg 17th
Chainarong Yawanophat Thailand (THA) Junior 16 -17 Male -54kg 1st
Skurikhin Yehor Ukraine (UKR) Junior 16 -17 Male -81kg 1st
Tlek Yerbatyr Kazakhstan (KAZ) Junior 16 -17 Male -71kg 5th
Vladyslav Yeremenko Ukraine (UKR) Junior 16 -17 Male -71kg 1st
Displaying 571 - 600 of 623
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